Whats my size


Choosing the right size of ring can be tricky. You want to be accurate in your measurements to avoid the need to resize. The following is a simple guide to help you determine your rings size for any finger.


How a Ring Should Fit

Your ring should fit tight enough that it won’t fall of your finger, and loose enough that you can slide it over your knuckle. Make sure it feels comfortable. It shouldn’t cause you pain or leave indented markings but at the same time you want to avoid excessive slipping and sliding on the lower part of your finger.


How to MeasureYour Finger

The best way to measure your finger is to find a perfectly fitted ring you already have. Try to avoid using string or paper since these materials can expand, stretch and become twisted which will only cause an inaccurate result. Measure your finger at the end of the day when your fingers feel warm. Believe it or not, our fingers tend to be smaller first thing in the morning and when they are cold to touch. To be sure you have absolute accuracy, measure your finger three to four times to be safe. Holding your ring, measure it up against the size chart we have here. Download and print it of for best results (making sure the scale is set to 0 on your printer). Match the ring you’re holding with the right size in the document. If you find that your ring is in between sizes, select the larger of the two.


Making it a Surprise

If you’re buying a ring for your significant other as a surprise, try asking a close friend or parent if they know his or her ring size. If not, pay particular attention to the rings he or she already wears and if there’s one on the finger you want to buy a ring for, borrow it temporarily and use our sizing chart to figure out the right measurement.


Free Resizing for Peace of Mind

As much as we’ve created this process to help you select the right ring size for you or your loved one, Ice Gold Jewellery also offers a complementary resizing service. This gives you peace of mind in a case where it is impossible for you to determine the right size. At any time, you can return your ring for resizing free of charge. If you have questions about how to accurately determine your ring size, contact us today.