The Rarest of the Precious Metals


Platinum is the most rare of the precious metal group. It is found in very few places around the world and is actually 30 times more rare than gold. It is a symbol of integrity, purity and long-lasting quality. Silvery-white in appearance, platinum has a unique mirror-like shine and brilliant luster.


Purity and Durability


95% pure, platinum does not oxidize at any temperature and is characterized by its tarnish-resistant qualities. The metal’s level of purity makes it a highly durable material that is easy to care for and hypoallergenic. It is a popular metal for engagement ring settings because of its luxurious stature, practical durability and diamond enhancing qualities. What better metal to hold your engagement diamond than one that reflects the true radiance of your stone and ofers maximum resilience to tarnishes, scratches and damages.




Platinum is extremely pliable. Its malleable nature enables us to make some of the most diverse diamond engagement rings and custom jewelry. Other precious metals are less flexible and therefore limited in their designs.


Proper Care


To care for your platinum jewellery at home, simply soak it in warm water and soap while you gently scrub it with a soft-bristled brush. This easy process will help you maintain the metal’s special shine.


An Excellent Lifetime Choice


Platinum is forever. It is the ideal metal to support a lifetime of everyday wear. Not only is its lustrous shine a marvel to admire, but its density, strength and purity make it one of the smartest choices on the market.