Conflict Free Diamond

What is a Conflict Diamond?

In the diamond trading industry, a conflict diamond – also referred to as a blood diamond, converted diamond, war diamond or hot diamond – is a diamond that was mined in a war zone and then sold to make money that was used to fund civil war or was involved in any form of worker exploitation, violence or significant environmental harm.


Conflict-Free Diamonds

Conflict-free diamonds originate from socially responsible and ethical sources. Throughout the course of their lifecycle, conflict-free diamonds have had little to no harmful impacts on the environment, have had no contact with human rights abuses and are free from violence.


The Kimberley Process


Founded in 2003, the Kimberley Process is a diamond certification system supported by the United Nations. It is designed to put an end to conflict diamond trading. Comprised of 75 country members as well as other diamond advocacy organizations, the Kimberley Process accompanies rough diamonds shipped out of member countries with a certificate which claims they are conflict-free. The primary goal of the Kimberley Process is to block and restrict conflict diamonds from entering the general world supply.


Conflict-Free Diamonds in Canada


Currently, Canada is the third largest diamond supplier in the world and is known for its ethical and socially responsible processes. Canada adheres to the rules set forth by the Kimberley Process and also strictly follows its own set of guidelines in regards to ethical, environmentally sound and fair labour practices in the diamond industry. Ice Gold Jewellery operates out of Canada and is therefore bound by these guidelines. This means that your choice to buy from us ensures that the diamonds you select are conflict-free.


The Ice Gold Commitment to Conflict-Free Diamonds

Before we partner with any manufacturer, we carefully analyze the diamond sourcing activities and supply chain of the company. By understanding our manufacturers’ business operations, sourcing processes and ethical commitments, we ensure the certification of our diamonds. We are able to track the paths of our diamonds from mining right through to final delivery.


Ice Gold Jewellers’ diamonds are not mined in war-laden countries and have not come from a background of violence, labor exploitation, environmental damage, extreme poverty or any other unethical circumstances. To find out more about conflict diamonds or to inquire about our commitment to the exclusive sale of conflict-free diamonds, contact us.