Complimentary Sizing

When you buy a fine piece of jewellery for yourself or a loved one, you may not always know the right size to order. It can be a nerve-racking experience trying to choose the right size without any assurance from the company where you’re buying. Here at Ice Gold Jewellery, we support you well after your purchase which is why we provide complementary sizing services.


No Size? No Problem.

If you are unsure of the correct size you need, make an educated guess and enjoy the peace of mind ofered at Ice Gold Jewellery. In the event that you order the wrong size, simply send your jewellery back to us and we will resize it – free of charge.


Size Changes

Throughout the course of our lives we may change sizes every now and then. Here at Ice Gold Jewellery, part of our business philosophy involves the continual support of our clients. Just one of the ways we demonstrate this is by ofering complementary resizing services for any jewellery piece you bought from us, no matter how long ago it was.


Contact us today to inquire about our complementary sizing solutions for your jewellery.