Caring For Your Jewellery

Fine jewellery can last a lifetime if you know how to care for it. By following a few simple but important steps, you can avoid scratches, color tarnishes and unnecessary damage. Here is a list of practical tips to help you properly care for your jewellery at home.


1 – Pick a good storage location. Store your jewellery in a dry, clean place. A fabric-lined jewellery box or case is ideal, especially if it has diferent compartments and dividers.


2 – Keep each piece separate. Don't let your jewellery pieces mix or jumble together. If your jewellery box or case doesn’t have separate sections, be sure to wrap each piece individually with tissue paper. This helps to avoid scratching caused by one piece rubbing against another.


3 – Fasten when you store away. Fasten the clasps on your necklaces and bracelets before you put them away. Just in case your jewellery piece does come in contact with another, this will prevent tangling.


4 – Be careful where you set it down. If you’re someone who prefers to remove your jewellery before you wash or moisturize your hands, be careful where you set it down. You don’t want it to slip down the drain or be forgotten somewhere.


5 – Know when to remove it. Remove your fine jewellery before you cook, garden, perform household chores, work out or play sports. Avoid any chance of hard impact or contact with dirt and other harmful substances.


6 – Know when to put it on. Apply lotion, perfume, hair spray and any other beauty products before you put on your fine jewellery. Some of these substances can cause damage, even to the most durable items.


7 – Take precaution. Visit your jeweler once a year to check for general wear and tear that may include worn mountings or loose prongs. For professional jewellery cleanings, bring your pieces in every six months.


8 – Clean your jewellery properly. Before you decide to clean your jewellery on your own, consult with a jeweler. Certain cleaning products contain chemicals that can actually do more bad than good.


9 – Keep your jewellery dry. It’s okay for your jewellery to come in contact with water sometimes (for example, when you wash your hands or go for a quick swim) but it’s always a good idea to dry it afterwards. Don’t let it stay wet for too long and always make sure it’s dry before you put it away in an enclosed space, such as your jewellery box.


10 – Be mindful of chlorine. Chlorine is one of those chemicals you should try to avoid when wearing expensive jewellery. If you can, remove your fine jewellery to avoid contact. If not, watch out for damage or discoloration, particularly in high temperatures. Follow these easy tips to preserve your jewelry so that it lasts for many years to come. If you have any questions about how to properly care for any of your fine jewellery pieces, contact us.