Few articles of men’s fashion have withstood the tests of time as well as cufflinks. Originally seen in the 1600s, they became especially popular in the 1800s. There are many styles of cufflinks, but they have traditionally been muted, or simple. In more recent times they’ve come to include accenting decorations such as birthstones, gemstones, artists glass, leather and more.


There are several styles of cufflink. The most commonly used style is the swivel bar, in which the “back” of the cufflink features a small bar that fits into the post to feed through the sleeve button holes, and pivots back out, perpendicular to the post to hold it in place. Another popular one is the “chain” style, which features a short chain between two decorative discs, one disc is fed through the button hole, and then both lay flat on the surface of the shirt sleeve. In recent years, we’ve witnessed a re-emergence of the silk knot style, which features two brightly colored decorative silk knots attached in the middle by a short length of elastic.


Bold flamboyant colors were very faux pas until the 19th century when Prince of Wales, Edward VII began regularly wearing brightly colored and extravagant Faberge cufflinks. Now it is common for the focal of a cufflink set to be gems, or decoupage, even recycled materials such as typewriter keys, keyboard keys, dice, coins and more. They are no longer just an accessory to keep your shirts buttoned at the sleeve, now they are a classy way to display your hobby, interests, or affiliations.

In the early 1950’s it became very fashionable to have ensembles of matching accessories, this acted as a status symbol. Men were unlikely to wear jewelry in the traditional sense, but a complete set of matching cufflinks, tie bar, ring, and money clip went a long way to show your success. We at Ice Gold Jewelry offer full matched sets in several styles. You can find the completed sets here, or create your own sets from like pieces.


If your special man is one that is difficult to shop for, these items are a perfect gift for even the most casual individual. When invited to a high fashion high-class event, the casual ones are the ones likely to be scrambling for appropriate accessories. If he’s typically well dressed or works in a business profession requiring formal dress, then variety is always welcome. Our cufflinks, money clips, tie bars and more are wrapped and ready to give as gifts. And while you’re at it, get yourself something special.

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