From the moment an engagement is announced, every detail and conversation isall about the Bride. What will she wear, who will cater, what will the bridesmaids dresses look like, and more. But we need to stop and take a moment to think about the other half of the equation. Marriage takes two parties. What about the Groom?

Traditionally, Grooms get a boutonniere that will wilt and die after the ceremony, and their traditional wedding band. Groomsmen sometimes get a commemorative set of cufflinks, but what about the rest of the wedding party, or the father of the Bride? He deserves a reward for raising your beautiful wife-to-be, right?


This is where we get creative. Ice Gold Jewellery carries many gifts for the men involved in the events culminating and including your wedding day. We’re in the business of creating high quality practical and stylish accessories for women and men.


We have engravable tie bars to top off a perfect tux. This is a gift that can be used over and over again. Because we can engrave any special saying on these, they make fantastic gifts for the Father of the Bride. Or a pleasant reminder from wife to husband of their special day of matrimony. Many couples choose to engrave their anniversary, or a special phrase that means a lot to them both.


You can also choose an engraved money clip to present as a gift after the wedding. These are great for groomsmen. You can choose the date your friendship began, or a special phrase or word that you share from an inside joke, a nickname or similar concept. These also make great gifts for your wife’s father, as a token of gratitude.


While cufflinks are a traditional gift idea, the actual cufflinks don’t need to be traditional. Our designs are classy, chic, and stylish, without being obnoxious, or pretentious. We strive to create timeless pieces that will see the light of day more than once. A good gift for any man in your life, whether for a wedding other otherwise, is something functional and practical. Cufflinks check both boxes because they can be used for other future formal events, and some individuals can even make use of them in daily work-wear.


In addition to the gifts to the wedding party, we also have amazing and engravable wedding bands. Everything from sterling silver and 10K yellow gold to tungsten and titanium. Every shape, size, and style imaginable. These rings hold a very valuable position in the symbolism of your union, make sure it’s a piece you’ll want to wear forever and always, in sickness and in health.

Has your wedding already passed? Maybe even several years ago? That’s no problem, all of the pieces mentioned previously are fantastic anniversary, birthday, promotion, just because gifts. Any occasion to give a gift is a great occasion. A gift can be made for any occasion with a change in packaging, or what is engraved. Besides, multiple sets of cufflinks and tie bars provides a refreshing versatility to any man’s wardrobe.