Love of family is the strongest emotional bond any individual can experience. It is common to commemorate a person’s appreciation for that bond through jewelry. Though traditionally reserved for Mothers and Grandmothers, the family ring has begun to represent siblings, friendships-the family we choose, and more. The family ring is still predominantly worn by women, but masculine designs are beginning to surface.

A common family ring is a representation of the children and/or grandchildren in a family. It is typically a customized ring that holds the birthstone of the children or grandchildren, and it is usually presented for Mother’s Day.

Family Ring


Ice Gold Jewelery has an entire collection dedicated to celebrating Mom or Grandma’s love at link here, but we encourage you to think outside the box of tradition. Share this love with other family members.Get a ring for each of your siblings or best friends with yours and their birthstones. This is the grown up version of the “best friend” necklaces of the 90’s.

Gift these to grandparents, mothers, aunts, cousins, sisters, friends or mentors. Design your own, for your own purposes. But never forget what they represent! The love, care, compassion, and companionship the loved ones in your life represent.

10K Yellow Gold Lattice Family Ring

Many of our designs are stackable, so you can wear more than one row, representing generations. Your children, and then the grandchildren. These may also be used as a great promise, or engagement ring, set with your’s and your significant other’s birthstones. The possibilitiesare endless!

Beyond the basic concept of our family rings, all bands are engravable, so this would be a great opportunity to engrave your children’s name, family moto, significant date or more in the band of your family ring.

You can look into other memorial jewelry at Ice Gold as well. It would be a beautiful statement to the love and adoration you hold for your family to get their names engraved in one of our stylish dog tag pendants, or any of our fashion rings.

10K Yellow Gold Oval Stone Famiy Ring

The first representation of a family ring was 1959 by the John C. Nordt. Co. And was marketed as a Mother’s day gift to give to your own mother, or to the mother of your own children. Thousands of variations on the concept have hit the market since, from different ring designs to pendants, lockets, and more. Tell us how you celebrate your family, and let Ice Gold Jewelery make your perfect family ring today!